Monsoons at Igatpuri- Relax. Refresh. Recuperate
July 4, 2017
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Weekend Holiday at Igatpuri

A small hamlet en-route to Nashik, Igatpuri is crowned along with the beautiful Western Ghats. This virgin ground remains untouched by a significant number of tourists, and as such endeavour for an amazing weekend getaway. Located at about 1900ft above sea-level, this superb spot boasts all essential elements needed to assist you to forget every cry and hue as in the otherwise daily city life.

Although small, this timid location offers you the best resources imaginable including amazing resorts which have the best amenities - an ideal escapade from what are the hum - drums as with routine life. Among the best resorts that you and your family should pack up your bags and immediately book is The Herb Farm.

Why TheHerbFarm is the best

The Herb Farm - Home Stay and Restaurant is famed for the delivery of an exceptional touch of hospitality that provides luxurious lakeside view and pure vegetarian delicacies.

Aside from its hospitality, it is perfectly situated in a wonderful location close to Darna River and Lake Mundhegaon and is a source of refreshing simplicity as part of the welcoming drinks and a carefully choreographed dinner service.

Its tropical beauty accentuated by natural surroundings make this resort a mainstay destination. Here you are treated to refined luxury especially around the exquisite beauty the lakeside cottages have to offer not to mention local expertise and effortlessly effective service that leave the memories edged at the back of your mind.

FINE DINNING - Veg Gourmet Restaurant

This restaurant is the best spot for you and your family every time you need a snack or a meal after an amazing time around IGATPURI and its scenic views and locations. They are guided by a simple mission, to offer you with nourishing, fresh, organic and mouth watering delicacies in a perfectly inviting and warm atmosphere. Whether it is traditional dishes or menus from prominent dishes around the globe, this is the spot to be at.

For a change of scenery, you and your family can also visit the Restaurant & Mocktail Bar which to your advantage opens at 8 am and goes all the way to almost midnight. And in case you are worried about space and freedom, this restaurant has a sitting capacity of an approximate 175 customers so space should not in any way be an excuse.

STAY - At Luxurious Cottages

With respect to common perception, vacations represent summer seasons where the sun is warm and shining bright. Nonetheless, at the Herb Farm, no matter the season, their luxurious cottages offer an exceptionally unique experience not to mention breathtaking views of the lakeside off their luxurious cottages.

So after a long tour around the breathtaking atmosphere, you and your family can rest comfortably in one of the cottages that represent a replication of the home environment but with a touch of class and delight.


Free WiFi: No matter the place you are staying around the vast Herb Farm, you are treated to strong signals of free Wi-Fi allowing you to keep tabs with everything that is happening on the other side of the world.

Room Service: Whether you need a change in beddings, cleaning your room or any personal services, their professional and cordial staff are ready to serve you at whatever time you need their services and assistance.

24/7 Reception: Whether you are arriving at the wee hour of the morning or the late night times, the reception at The Herb Farm operates on a 24/7 basis allowing you to properly settle in no matter your time or arrival or departure.


Refresh yourself and take a moment off the work life cobwebs to escape to the amazing Herb Farm resort in Igatpuri. Characterised by an ideal blend of typical nature beauty and world-class services, this resort will give you and your family the memorable experience of your lives!

The stay is no just restricted here. You can cruise along the Rantangad Fort Trek, Harihar Fort among other amazing sceneries.

The tranquil setting of Igatpuri is the ideal place for you and your family to strengthen your bond and relax while enjoying the soothing climate that stretches for the larger part of the year. If you and your family are done with the typical daily tassels of work and school and even running errands, this resort can serve as a typical quick escape.

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